Token Design

Token Flow

The CharacterX network includes two types of tokens, CXC and CXT, which circulate throughout various aspects such as creation, consumption, investment, and trading, to incentivize the sustainable development of the entire ecosystem.

CXC: In-ecosystem Reward Coins (non-crypto)

Primarily used for in-app user consumption, short-term rewards, and accumulating points for airdrops.

  • In-app utility: including consumption of chats, tools level up, etc.

  • In-app rewards: including daily tasks, referrals, ads, etc.

CXT: Governance Token

Primarily used for AI NFT-related transactions, advanced NFT upgrade tools, premium platform features, governance, and DeFi.

  • Community governance rights: voting, proposing, etc

  • AI NFT trading: trade Al Pods & Al Characters NFT

  • AI Share trading: invest in Al characters

  • AI NFT Level Up: NFT's advanced features & levels

  • Membership Pass: 18+pass, memory pass, etc.

  • Community airdrop reward: rewards for those with high level points, and those who participate in platform activities, etc.

  • DeFi related: rewards for liquidity mining such as staking and Lp staking

  • Repurchase and burn: burning with the profit generated

CXT Allocation

Tips: When airdrop?

Schedules and rules will be announced very, very soon. Stay tuned!

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